Cardano and Tron Staking on eToro: Passive Income through ADA and TRX

The staking of cryptocurrencies such as Cardano or TRON is popular with many investors. With the ability to stake ADA or TRX, investors can generate passive income. The returns that can be achieved through this are 5-7% per year. Despite the special tax treatment in Germany , this return is more attractive for many than simply holding the crypto currencies.

The winner of our broker comparison, eToro, now also offers its customers the support of TRON (TRX) and Cardano (ADA) staking.

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eToro supports Cardano and TRON staking

Officially this week, eToro announced the support of Cardano and TRON staking. According to the company, users who own Cardano or TRON now receive a monthly staking reward.

Customers do not need to take any further precautions. Anyone who buys ADA or TRX via the platform will in future receive their dividends regularly and fully automatically. With the announcement, eToro also made it clear that in the future they will integrate the staking of other crypto currencies in addition to Cardano and TRON.

5-7% staking reward per year

As mentioned in the introduction, the annual dividend for the TRON and Cardano staking is around 5-7%. On the website, interested investors can check and understand exactly how high the reward and the actual dividend will be depending on the amount invested.

The graphic below is taken from and shows the current rate of return for Cardano staking.

Cardano Staking Reward

However, it is important that you as an investor also take the tax side into account. You can find more information on this in our article on the free tax guide.

Let’s come back to eToro and its CEO Yoni Assia. This emphasized the relevance of staking and the need for a secure, regulated and established platform.

Staking is an important development in the crypto market. Nevertheless, the technical hurdles are too high for many users and / or they do not have a trustworthy point of contact. Therefore, we want to offer this service to our global community.

Cardano and TRON staking on eToro

Your way to Cardano and TRON staking is uncomplicated. Because especially newcomers in the field of crypto currencies attach great importance to a high level of comfort. In the beginning, setting up wallets and manually sending cryptocurrencies to staking pools can be daunting. In such a case, it makes sense to start with a reliable, regulated broker who can give you

trading with Bitcoin course up to leverage (2x),
entering into long and short positions,
Deposits via PayPal,
sending real coins to your wallet and
enables the use of a wide range of trading tools,
without downloading any software.

The world’s leading social trading platform eToro offers you exactly these advantages . Just try it out and convince yourself of the advantages mentioned above.