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TOPIC: Recessed vuvla

Recessed vuvla 09 Mar 2011 12:28 #247740

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Scarlet went for her teeth cleaning yesterday, I took her to a new place, does resuce and low cost. Well the told me that she has a recessed vulva, and this can lead to UTI, and that she may have to have surgery down the road for this. Has anyone dealt with this before and can give me some insight. I read that is might have been corrected by going thru fisrt heat cycle, but I got her when she was 9 mo and she was already fixed, so not sure if spay was done before first heat cycle. She has not any UTI that i know of, what are some of the signs. Has great bladder control, and a "cleaning girl". What about carnberry caps/juice to help prevent should i start this now or wait until the UTI become a problem. HAs anyone had a dog that didn't have problems from a recessed Vuvla. Thank you for any advice or insight.
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Recessed vuvla 09 Mar 2011 15:41 #247752

  • kerplunk105
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Tegan did. She just finished her first heat and will be spayed in a few months. I've never spayed a dog before her first heat that has one. I guess it depends on how bad it is. I would keep an eye on her. Cranberry may be a good idea to start.

Tegan never had any issues even before she came into heat..

Here is a whole post about it on my Lab forum. http://www.lab-retriever.net/board/gene ... -read.html
Tegan, Weim/Labrador, 11/22/09
Bliss, Labrador, 1/18/2000
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Recessed vuvla 09 Mar 2011 22:13 #247830

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I don't have any experience with this, but I the first thought I had was: If you haven't had any trouble before now, is there any reason to assume you'll start having trouble? I can't remember exactly how old Scarlett is but I'm thinking she's about middle aged? I would say don't worry too much if she's been fine her whole life. If you notice some symptoms, definitely stay on top of them. But until then I wouldn't worry.
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Recessed vuvla 10 Mar 2011 07:40 #247876

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Here is a whole post about it on my Lab forum.
Good information. Thanks for posting that.

The link to her blog here.

Along with other research, i would be rather satisfied with her very generous first-hand
account and experience.
I would consider the cranberry caps and definitely have the test strips on hand and check
her pee on a regular basis. (once a week?) a bottle of strips lasts forever.
The emphasis is too avoid rounds of antibiotics.
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